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Faceted gem stones from Mt Marie

purple fluorapatite crystals surrounding watermelon tourmaline

Durgin's of Maine, presents Maine gemstones, mineral specimens, and jewelry collections featuring Maine tourmaline, fluorapatite, and quartz, mined at Mt. Marie.

Gemstone and mineral collectors alike will find the fluorapatite specimens unrivaled and the tourmaline to be of unprecedented clarity, color range, vibrance and integrity.

Mt. Marie's tourmaline finds have inspired us to create the Wine Frozen-in-Timeā„¢ and Firefly Tourmalineā„¢ Jewelry collections to showcase these gemstones and slices.

It has been a long journey! Many years have been spent mining Mt. Marie, searching for her prize tourmaline gem pockets. Through the years there have been some good finds, but just recently we uncovered some spectacular gem pockets. Blue tourmaline, purple fluorapatite and many other stunning gem and mineral formations were among the treasures!

As we continue to mine Mt. Marie we will be updating this site with new finds, so you can join us on this journey of discovery, uncovering the treasures of this Western Maine mountain!

Tourmaline Crystal durgin Prospect