handfull of Firefly Tourmaline in the rough

Firefly Tourmaline™
In the Rough

Firefly Tourmline™

A unique Maine Tourmaline from Mt. Marie that glows like a firefly in low light.

Experience the phenomenon of Firefly Tourmaline™. These green to greenish-yellow Maine tourmaline gems literally glow in low-level natural light.  The reason gems cut from Mt. Marie tourmaline crystals exhibit this unique "firefly” glow has yet to be explained by science, but the brilliance of these gems can be yours to experience on any overcast day.

Select a piece from our Firefly Tourmaline™ Collection and let it remind you all year long of the magic of fireflies on warm summer evenings in Maine.

Firefly Tourmaline ™ Yellow
Firefly Tourmaline™ Green Yellow
Firefly Tourmaline™ Yellow Green

This trade name "Firefly Tourmaline™" applies to faceted stones cut from gem tourmaline (variety, elbaite) crystals found at Mt. Marie in Paris, Maine. The resulting faceted gems stones exhibit dichroism typical of elbaite, with at least parts of the faceted gem exhibiting a slight to pronounced yellow tone. The overall color of the faceted gems range from slightly yellowish green to yellow green to a slightly greenish yellow. The faceted gems exhibit an unusual brilliance that sets them apart from the tourmaline gems from other Maine locations and perhaps in the world. This intense brilliance is particularly apparent under low level natural light conditions (cloudy days/evenings) and is the subject of an ongoing scientific investigation. It is this latter condition, coupled with the yellowish hues, that bring to mind the connection to the firefly on warm summer evenings.